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THEATRE (Director)

The Gatekeeper by Blair Ingenthron (staged reading)       Manhattan Movement and Arts Center

Gods, Myths, and Monsters (devised performance)           Park Avenue Youth Theatre

Detention #46 by various authors                                            Primary Stages

Deep $h*t by Liz Morgan (staged reading)                             Judson Arts Center

Waiting for Moses by Dianna Garten (reading)                 Daytime Artist Collective

Spinoza’s Ethics by Emily Claire Schmitt                             Theatre for the New City            

The Benedict Hotel (devised performance)                          Park Avenue Youth Theatre

Power (devised performance)                                                      Park Avenue Youth Theatre

Do You Know Me? by Petol Weeks                                        Daytime Artist Collective

The Gift (devised performance)                                                Park Avenue Youth Theatre

Boxes (devised performance)                                                      Park Avenue Youth Theatre

I am Cecil by Dianna Garten                                                    Daytime Artist Collective

Fear (devised performance)                                                         Park Avenue Youth Theatre

Purim Play by Dianna Garten                                                 NYC Church of Christ

Legacy by Ross Lippencott                                                       NYC Church of Christ

A Taste of Honey by Sheila Delany                                       Atlantic Theatre Company School

Candid by Michael Scanlan                                                      Arlington One-Act Festival


THEATRE (Assistant Director)

Screwtape Redux                               Dir. Melvin Tunstall          Daytime Artist Collective

Skin Deep (updated version)             Dir. Heather Lanza             Emerging Artists Theatre

Painting His Wings                           Dir. Heather Lanza            Making It Happen Productions at Fringe NYC

Abortion: A Race Redux                Dir. Heather Lanza            Making it Happen Productions

Skin Deep                                               Dir. Heather Lanza            Emerging Artists Theatre          

Faith vs. Reason                                  Dir. Ken Cavett                   Daytime Artist Collective

THEATRE (Production)

Walls                                                          Stage Manager                       CAT Youth Theatre

See-Saw                                                     Co-Stage Manager               CAT Youth Theatre

Abortion: A Race Redux                 Stage Manager                       Making it Happen Productions

Bloom! The Musical (Reading)       Dramaturg                             Writer: Melvin Tunstall



Directors Lab West                                                                            May 2018

Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation               July 2015 – June 2018

2015-16, and 2016-17, 2017-18 Observership Class



The Leadership Program         Leadership Trainer

Girl Up!                                           Co-Creator and Teaching Artist

Project Rwanda 2013                Teaching Artist


Directing                                      Helen White, Ken Cavett, Anya Saffir, Michael Byrne

Acting                                           Peter Frechette, Charles Tuthill, Karen Kohlhaas, Josh Lewis

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