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Waiting for Moses by Dianna Garten

The Jews have been waiting by the Red Sea for days. Sick of their aloof leader, a small group decides to take their fate into their own hands. 

Spinoza's Ethics by Emily Claire Schmitt

Inspired by the true story of an extraordinary and average woman's struggle for love and faith in 1960s America, Spinoza's Ethics follows Ruth as she weaves in and out of marriages, vocations, and states of existence, accompanied always by the early Enlightenment philosopher Baruch Spinoza. 

Because everything that is simply is.

Do You Know Me? by Petol Weeks

A group of teens from different worlds, working as Santa's elves, lash out at each other. With the guidance of one patient volunteer coordinator they grapple with what is means to really love others and themselves. 

I Am Cecil by Dianna Garten

How do we live in a world where men are treated like animals?

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